Excerpt of interview given to Stavros Xintaras

"I believe a solo exhibition should be held when a new artistic condition has matured" says Panagiotis Beldekos. "I consider that painting is alive and self-sufficient, something with which the artist communes, expecting all possible outcomes and potential reversals. Passage to new perspectives and artistic concepts is always welcome".


An artist with opinions, Panagiotis Beldekos observes art events on the art world map; the sales held by the large auction houses overseas; the renowned Greek Sales, where his own works have also gone under the hammer; and notes: "In Art, real value will always rise to the top, even if it takes considerable delay to do so. Art has no reason to fear. At certain times the value of Art may be overestimated or underestimated, but this is only a passing phase and corrections take place historically, on their own. I do not believe in the current division of painting into chapters. As an expansion Art has its own pace. Even if you get into the Art game only for profit, you have to do it with the eyes to your soul wide open".

Q: How educated is the Greek audience in Art today compared to the way it was in the past?

"I think the audience is better informed than it was in the past and far more broad in their tastes. In their attempt, however, to broaden their horizons quantitatively, they may have had lost some of those qualities they used to have over previous decades..."

published on the 3/3/2009, APOGEVMATINI newspaper, p. 44.